Free Computer Help/Tips

Here are 4 things, ALL free and great working, that will really improve the security and performance of many a computer owner.

1) Free Anti-Virus  Solution
AVG's free personal Edition. Once downloaded and scanned, it will automatically load, run, and update itself.

** You just simply can NOT be on the Internet with a WORKING, ACTIVE anti-virus!!!!  One that loads up and continues to run when you turn your computer on.  ** Keep aware of when you bought your computer, and WHEN the anti-virus (probably MCafee or Norton) free trial is up...some are for a year, some for 30-90 days!!!!

  Whatever the term is, it is NOT for forever free with them, and becomes useless if you don't pay them for renewal or latest updates.

2) Get a better Browser (what you view the Internet with, currently 90% use Internet Explorer. Their default security settings (to keep the bad guys out) are Horrible. This makes it easy  for pop-ups and spyware to get loaded on your computer.


Get Firefox!

Firefox is free, and the default settings are set up to be user friendly, security wise. Going about the Internet shouldn't really be all that different, except for the reduction in pop-ups ;)

Many computers are infested with this, especially if you've used Internet Explorer.


Adaware CE

Adaware is a great and free  program that does ALL the work. Download it, follow the simple directions and let it scan your computer. It is not uncommon for it to find THOUSANDS of spyware/adware/malware junk that is clogging up your computer. Let it take everything it finds off.  That's all there is to it. The free version does not do an automatic update, so I bring it up and click the 'check for updates' button every week.

4) Hackers
Essentially, they 'ping (send signals out) to other computers, unprotected, and when they receive a signal back, they try and find other vulnerabilities to get your information out of your computer


Free Firewall   Zone Labs ZoneAlarm
(tip// ZoneAlarm has an alerts tab, and you can shut the notifications off, although it is amazing at first to see how many are out there trying to search for computers to get into to ;)